DDB Access

DDB Access provides the DDB content for words found in a Chinese text.

DDB Access relies for parsing on monthly DDB and CJKVE extracts provided by Charles Muller, and for content on XML pages from the DDB and CJKVE websites.

Using DDB Access requires a DDB password.

DDB Access shares a common look and feel with the SmartHanzi.net and SmartKanji.net websites. While SmartHanzi.net and SmartKanji.net are general parse and lookup tools for Chinese and Japanese, DDB Access includes DDB content not available in the websites.

Download DDB Access 2017.01 Download DDB Access 2016.07

Version 2015.01 (or older) might not have been correctly uninstalled. Installing the new version will now remove the ghost version if any.

In case of problem, click here.


System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.

Security settings

DDB Access is signed with an official Comodo certificate.

Since it is not frequently downloaded, there may be security warnings:
- Please check options in small characters and accept installation.
- One may also prefer to use Firefox in case of difficulties with Internet Explorer.

Windows 7

With Windows 7, the user may be required to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

(Windows 8, 8.1, 10: the installation should be straightforward)


Current version: 2017.01

Updates include software improvements and monthly DDB extracts.

Users are invited to install the latest version.
DDB extract: 31 Dec 16
CJKVE extract: 31 Dec 16


Contact: jean.soulat [at] orange.fr (replace [at] with @)

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please report any problems.

Release history


- Presentation improved.
- Index updated.
- Bug fixes.


- Index updated.
- Bug fixes.


- New feature: words can be flagged as review/check/known.
- Index updated.
- Bug fixes.


- Index updated.
- Bug fixes.


- Index updated.
- Technical improvements. Previous version should be formally uninstalled before installing this one.

2014.10, 2015.01

Index updated.


- Just one tab for text and list (use the mini-toolbar to switch).
- Links to Wieger etymological lessons.
- Parsed texts can be saved with links to original documents.
- Traditional/simplified conversion (both ways).


Index updated.

Version 2013.08

Performance improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.03

- Software now signed with an official Comodo certificate.
- Added: links to contained characters and words.
- Added: history of looked up words.
- Similar words in DDB is more tolerant.
- Use right click to copy from lists.
- Improved performance.

Version 2.02

- Added: toolbar.
- More reactive: when a list is shown, the first word is shown together.
- Search also works for simplified variants.
- Also contained in shown through the Search tab when there are many results.